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Life on Mars RPG
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life on mars rpg

With the discovery of water particles on Mars came a new world of technology and economic advancement. NASA started sending people and machines to Mars to create housing facilities and resorts. People on Earth paid large sums of money to be sent up to stay for days, weeks; it became a hotspot for honeymoons. What these people didn't know, though, was that these housing facilities and resorts would soon become their new homes. World War IV raged on for six years before Russia finally nuked everyone, and people were forced to evacuate not only their countries, but Earth itself. They left their things and their families to escape to Mars, to make good of the housing facilities that had been built just a few years before.
Fifty years later, the survivors who came from Earth have used what little resources they had to add on to the facilities. Thankfully, food is plentiful and they've found ways to grow crops in order to make more food. Welcome to Mars.


1. Keep OOC and IC separate.

2. You must have an AIM sn for your character that has their name in it. If you have any questions about this, please contact preachelectrick or goremedani, and one will work with you. They are both very understanding people.

3. There is no character limit at this current point in time, but if I find evidence that you have trouble keeping up with multiple characters, you will be politely asked to drop one, or forced if that doesn't work.

4. There is an age limit for the characters. They should be at least eighteen. The maximum age we are taking right now is thirty, but if you strongly wish to play a character over that age, IM one of the mods at one of the sn's mentioned above.

5. The roleplay style accepted here is third-person storybook. IM conversations are allowed and encouraged in order to keep the story going. However, when scening, please don't use the words LYKE, or OMG, or LOL. Nobody actually says that stuff, you know.

6. This comm does allow some dark storylines. Rape and violence are allowed, if accepted by both players. However, it must be ran past a mod first.

7. If you have a character that is actually living, you must put a disclaimer on your profile. And you should also put in the subject line of your application that 'we will never believe again', just to show that you have read this far.

8. Celebrities of any sort are allowed. This includes MySpace celebrities, members of bands, actors, etc. Original characters are also allowed if they are well-developed and not you. We have our ways of knowing.

9. Pre-existing storylines are most certainly allowed here, as long as it is mentioned in the application that it is one. The mods will definitely check this.

10. No godmodding.

11. Updates are once every two weeks. An update should consist of at least one well-written paragraph describing what the character has been up to. Song lyrics, pictures and memes are nice to see on flists (in small doses), but do not count as a true update.

12. Unless the characters were married in a pre-existing storyline and were brought in as such, two characters should be together for at least a month without a hitch.

13. Male pregnancy is allowed in this comm, but it must be talked over with the mod, just as regular pregnancy must. Two characters must be together for at least a month before having children together, and a character can have a limit of two children in a relationship. If the couple wants more, it must be talked over with the mod.

14. The subject of hiatus is approached differently with every comm. This is how it will be approached in this one: if you need a hiatus please inform the mod and update your journal out of character with this information. If you know how long you will be gone, please tell how long. If you do not specify, you will be given two months before your hiatus is withdrawn and your character is dropped from the game for other people to pick up.

15. Large pictures and videos are nice to see, but videos must be under a cut. Large pictures can be left without a cut every once in a while, but if it seems like that is all you update with, you will be asked to start using cuts. Not everybody likes to see picture after picture on their flist.

16. Have fun!

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